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Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is a series of procedures aimed at peeling off the surface layer of the epidermis to improve skin regeneration, elasticity and hydration. At the same time, it reduces small wrinkles, removes skin imperfections, shrinks the pores and evens out the skin color.

Chemical peeling is applicable for both skin texture and acne, melasma, chloasma / hyperpigmentation. Only a few peeling sessions are sufficient to reduce the pigment content of the epidermis and reduce hyperkeratosis.

The therapeutic procedures that are applyed during the period of skin cell regeneration (at least 6 weeks) after a series of 4 peelings allow the melanin cell clusters to dissipate and thus improve overall results. In the presence of more severe acne scars, results can only be achieved by applying laser treatment.

People who have been suffering from acne for a long time and have  skin damage can improve their condition after applying a second "medium deep" peel. Suitable acids to make the chemical peel are mandelic / almond / pyruvic / pyrogenated  acid and TCA, ALFA-BETA, Kodjikova et al.