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LG - laser Rejuvenation

Laser Genesis

Laser skin rejuvenation (Laser Genesis) is a unique method for rapidly and effectively improving skin condition, without needle pricking and without a recovery period.

The procedure triggers and activates the deep and superficial layers of the skin, with laser light stimulating fibroblasts and along it the synthesis of their own collagen to improve skin structure, treatment of enlarged pores, removal of diffuse redness, wrinkles, acne scars, etc.

Laser genesis does not damage the skin and does not include a recovery period.

This is a procedure for people with an active lifestyle.

Laser 1064nm NdYAG, with which we work at the Pearl Skin Clinic for aesthetic dermatology, renews the skin and rejuvenates it. Unique in Cutera lasers is the combination of high power with microsecond pulse and high frequency. The presence of these three laser features is indispensable for achieving the maximum therapeutic effect, while at the same time the cell has a time for temperature relaxation.

Clinical picture

It has been clinically proven that the Laser Genesis procedure leads to the appearance of new collagen. Evidence is provided based on an electron microscopic analysis, which measures the diameter and amount of collagen fibers in the dermis before and after the procedure. The analysis unambiguously suggests that the production of new collagen results in a visible immediate improvement in the structure and appearance of the skin.

Comfort during the procedure

The procedure is comfortable for both the dermatologist and the patient and has an excellent reputation for safety. The duration is about 15-30 minutes and there is no recovery period. It can be used on patients with all skin types, including tanned skin, throughout all seasons.

Preliminary preparation

No preconditioning is required. The only requirement is that before each procedure the skin is properly cleaned of everyday makeup.

Required number of procedures and interval between them

A course of 5 to 6 procedures is done at a 30-day interval.

Distinctive features of the Laser Genesis procedure:

• Careful warming of the dermis in depth - treats the structure of the skin and microvasculature preferentially

• Clinically proven production of new collagen

• Even in summer, the Laser Genesis procedure can be applied to all skin types - Fitzpatrik I -VI, without the risk of pigmentation

• No need for gel, medication, painkillers

• No recovery period