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Mesothreads (threadlifting)

The mesothreads are a system consisting of a needle with a thin monofilament thread embedded in it. When the needle is removed, the thread gets separated and remains implanted under the skin. Subsequently, the fiber is completely absorbed within 180 - 240 days, with the biorevitalizing effect continuing.

The subcutaneous insertion of mesothreads has an instant tightening and lifting effect. The presence of fiber in the tissues revitalizes the skin, improves the tone and glow, gives it a youthful look.

Mesothreads give a stretched and enhanced appearance of the skin. The result of placing mesothreads is noticeable at the time of placement, the treated areas are visibly stiffer, with improved elasticity.

Indications for mesothreads:

Shaping of the face contour;
Smoothing of the wrinkles around the lips and eyes;
Double chin;
Loose skin in the rear area.