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Ellanse Collagen Stimulator

The Ellanse ™ Dermal Series of Fillers combines the benefits - instant correction of wrinkles and creases and stimulates the formation of natural collagen in the body for beautiful, fresh and lasting results.

Ellanse uses the natural response of the body to stimulate the formation of its own collagen (neo-collagenesis) - restoring the fresh, youthful look. The four different options allow you to choose how long you want the duration of the result, eliminating the need for frequent and recurrent treatments.

- Ellanse ™ -S (1 year) - Ellanse ™ -L (3 years) and

- Ellanse ™ -M (2 years), - Ellanse ™ -E (4 years).                                                                                        

Why choose Ellanse ™?

Unlike other dermal fillers available on the market, Ellanse ™ utilizes the natural response of the body to stimulate the formation of its own, natural collagen in the skin, to restore a fresh facial appearance and to give a youthful look to the skin. Ellanse ™ is a biocompatible gel and a completely degradable non-toxic (cross-linked) medical polymer, clinically proven, and offers an individual effect of varying duration. If you are economically tired and disappointed with the need for frequent repetitive procedures in order to get lasting results, the right choice is Ellanse ™

Your doctor will help you decide which Ellanse ™ product from the filler series is best suited to your needs. The entire dermal series of Ellanse ™ provides an immediate and natural look that is maintained over time. The length of execution depends on your choice of one of the four Ellanset ™ products.

How long does the procedure continue?

Ellanse ™ is injected only by a qualified and trained healthcare professional. The procedure is easy, fast and convenient and takes about half an hour so you can immediately enjoy the results. Ellanse ™ does not require any allergy testing before product application.

When can I expect visible results?

You can enjoy your new, natural and beautiful look right after treatment. Moreover, thanks to a specially formulated unique formula, the results are more durable and resistant than other dermal fillers.

What should I do after the procedure?

Nothing - just enjoy your new look! It is advisable to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight (UV) for one week after the procedure. Follow the advice of your healthcare professional.

How long will the results continue?

This is your choice! ™ Ellanse gives you the unique opportunity to choose the duration of renewal of your beauty. The Dermal Family of Fillers Ellanse ™ is available in four variants, with results ranging from 12 months to 4 years.