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Taking Care of Your Skin After Botox

Taking Care of Your Skin After Botox

06:23 14/05/2021


Botox is the best way to treat facial wrinkles. Here are some recommendations that will ensure the maximum effectiveness of the procedure so you can enjoy beautiful and smooth skin for longer!

In the first 4 hours after the procedure:
✅ Do not massage the treated areas
✅ Avoid bending and lying down
✅ Periodically perform facial expressions in the treated areas to exercise the muscles
In the first 24 hours after the procedure:
✅ Avoid exposure to high temperatures (sauna, steam bath)
✅ Avoid active physical exertion (fitness, swimming)
✅ Avoid other cosmetic procedures
The effect unfolds within 4-14 days after the procedure. If necessary, additional adjustments can be made up to the second week after the procedure.
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