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Effective Stretch Removal Options in Pearl Skin

Effective Stretch Removal Options in Pearl Skin

08:34 31/01/2020

Modern aesthetic dermatology offers a number of effective solutions for the removal of stretch marks. In each case, the solution is highly personalized and depends on the type of stretch marks and skin as a whole, as well as the patient's comfort during the different types of procedures. At Pearl Skin we offer a variety of options and our dermatologists will advise you on the most appropriate approach for you.

Laser therapy and microneedling are the best options for eliminating scars on the abdomen, thighs, hips and breasts.


LASER RESURFACING (Treatment with a Fractionated CO2 Laser Treatment)

Ablative fractionated CO-2 resurfacing is recognized as the "gold standard" in combating skin imperfections. It is an extremely effective therapy for "evaporating" the superficial epidermal layers and specific thermal effects on deep skin structures. This method activates the production of new and healthy collagen fibers that smooth and improve the quality and elasticity of the skin. The winter period is best suited for the procedure, since it is imperative that the treated area is not actively exposed to the sun for a certain period. The number of treatments depends on the individual skin, type of stretch marks and area where the stretch marks are located. 2-3 procedures are recommended at intervals of 30-45 days.



During the microneedling procedure, where Pearl Skin is successfully combined radio frequency lifting and LED light, collagen and elastin are stimulated in the most natural way possible. As with laser therapy, the depth of work is finely controlled. Many micro-stabs stimulate regenerative processes, stretch marks are reduced, their appearance improves, and the treated area becomes smoother, more elastic and young. We recommend a series of 4-5 procedures at a 20-30 day interval and we have prepared a special promotional price.

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