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It is very important that the doctor who performs the procedure is familiar with dermatology, understands the technology of laser hair removal and knows what the laser does.

An important issue is how long the specialists deal with the problem and work in this area. It is quite important to be an experienced physician who has performed the procedure for a reasonable amount of time.

Although laser hair removal is not cheap, many patients find the long-lasting effect and hair loss as more valuable than the price paid for the procedures. The cost of laser hair removal varies depending on the area being treated, the physician carrying out the procedure, the number of procedures in a package and other conditions. Since everyone has their own unique physiology of hair, it is difficult to give a universal definition of the exact number of procedures necessary to permanently eliminate the hair problem or the exact cost for it. The most effective way to determine this is to consult with the relevant specialist to find out how much the appropriate procedure would cost you in this particular case.

For most of the patients, three procedures may be sufficient that the hair removal will last for many months. For others, there may be more or less than three procedures needed. Many centers offer packages of several procedures at preferential rates. Positive can be said that due to the specificity of the region, procedures in Bulgaria are significantly lower than those generally accepted in Western Europe and the states.

Upper lip 30.00лв.
Chin 30.00лв.
Chin 60.00лв.
Cheeks 60.00лв.
Side whiskers 30.00лв.
Nipples 40.00лв.
Abdomen 150.00лв.
Abdominal line 50.00лв.
Hands - Men 300.00лв.
Hands - Women 400.00лв.
Waist 150.00лв.
Armpits 60.00лв.
Bikini line 80.00лв.
Pubis 130.00лв.
Thighs 450.00лв.
Lower legs 350.00лв.
Backside 150.00лв.
Ears 30.00лв.
Area by choice /10-10cm/ 100.00лв.
Chests 300.00лв.
Back 350.00лв.
Neck 60.00лв.
Line beard 50.00лв.
Face - Vitamins and growth factors 120.00лв.
Face - Hyaluronic acid 250.00лв.
Face - MD Tissue (collagen) 70.00лв.
Body - Cellulite 120.00лв.
Body - Stretch Marks 120.00лв.
Scalp 120.00лв.
FILLERS - Hyaluronic acid fillers
Volume Fillers 600.00лв.
Ellanse M 750.00лв.
Teosyal Kiss 460.00лв.
Teosyal 450.00лв.
Teosyal RHA (Dynamic) 550.00лв.
Juvederm Smile 300.00лв.
Perfecta 450.00лв.
Juvederm 550.00лв.
Face 500.00лв.
One unit 10.00лв.
3 TITAN + 3 Laser rejuvenation 1800.00лв.
2 TITAN + 2 laser rejuvenation 1200.00лв.
Face 600.00лв.
Abdomen 400.00лв.
Double chin 250.00лв.
Veins and capillaries
Single hemangioma 30.00лв.
Teleangiesthesias (surface capillaries) - Nostrils 40.00лв.
Teleangiesthesias (surface capillaries) - Whole nose 60.00лв.
Teleangiesthesias (surface capillaries) - Cheeks (small area) 50.00лв.
Teleangiesthesias (surface capillaries) - Cheeks (large area) 100.00лв.
Teleangiesthesias (surface capillaries) - Face 180.00лв.
Teleangiesthesias (surface capillaries) - Body 100.00лв.
Capillaries on the legs - Lower Legs 200.00лв.
Capillary on the legs - Thigh 300.00лв.
Capillaries on legs - Whole legs 400.00лв.
Capillaries on the legs - With subcutaneous veins 500.00лв.
Warts (by size) 20.00лв. - 40.00лв.
Papillomas on the neck 50.00лв.
Laser rejuvenation (LG) - face 150.00лв.
Laser rejuvenation (LG) - face and neck 250.00лв.
Laser treatment of nail fungus (per nail) 20.00лв. - 40.00лв.
Face - Acne scars 450.00лв.
Face - Anti-Aging 550.00лв.