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New: Specialized trichology examinations - computer diagnosis of hair and scalp

New: Specialized trichology examinations - computer diagnosis of hair and scalp

06:03 14/09/2018

Pearl Skin Aestetic and Dermatology Clinic in Varna starts specialized examinations with professional medical trichological equipment for patients with various forms of hair loss, alopecia and seborrhea of the scalp.

During the check up, with the assistance of specialists from the „Lily“ Sofia Trichology Center, a trichoscopy (dermatoscopy) of the scalp will be carried out with specialized professional equipment TrichoSciencePro, a world standard medical software with the possibility of photo-documentation.

At the request of the patients, an individual hair care and scalp treatment program with DSD de Luxe hairdressing medical cosmetics can also be prepared, also with the assistance of specialist trichologist Lilyana Arsova,who has extensive clinical experience in the long-term follow-up of patients who have passed DSD ** medical therapy.

The first examination will take place at Pearl Skin Aestetic and Dermatology Clinic in Varna on 16th of October this year, and patient enrollments for it have already begun.

Examinations are done after a mandatory pre-subscription, which can be made by calling telephone: 0879 365 495 or with the registration form on the Pearl Skin website:

The checkup includes taking a anamnesia and status, determining the form of alopecia, hair loss or seborrhea, analyzing and interpreting the results of the patient's medical records, appointing individual additional studies as needed, counseling, tracking the course of the disease and the therapeutic effect.


Preparing for a Tchiological Examination:

For the purpose of diagnosis, please comply with the following requirements when preparing a trihology examination:

  •  The hair should not be washed for at least 2-3 days
  • Do not use styling products or medical lotions before the diagnosis
  • At least 14 days should have passed since the last dyeing, curling or straightening of the hair


* The examinations continue for an average of about an hour.

The specialized trials will be carried out at the Pearl Skin Clinic in Varna each month and the dates will be published on the clinic website and the registration will be done at 0879 365 495 or with the registration form on the website of Pearl Skin:

* Trichoscopy is an objective method for the initial assessment of scalp skin (inflammation, atrophy, fibrosis) and of hairs (growth phases, atrophy, dyspigmentation, thickness, density, percentage) and comparative assessment of the parameters described above during patient follow-ups on a background of therapy.

** Dsd de Luxe is the only brand of trichological medical cosmetics for hair that has been presented at a congress of such global importance as AMWC 2018, the 16th World Congress of Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine in Monaco. Each year, the most renowned and respected specialists in the field of plastic surgery, cosmetology and venereology in the Kingdom of Monaco gather together to share their experiences, to talk about the latest scientific achievements and discoveries in the field of beauty and longevity.