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Clinic for aesthetic dermatology Pearl Skin - Varna is a modern laser center with highly qualified doctors-dermatologists. When I founded it in 2010, I decided to combine world-class quality equipment to solve the skin problems and the experience and skills of my colleagues dermatologists. The result of this combination is dozens of satisfied customers who have achieved the effect of pearl skin, improved their appearance and self-esteem.

In Pearl Skin, we pay equal attention to problems such as loose skin, wrinkles, unwanted hair, capillaries, birthmarks, hyperpigmentations. As a medical practitioners, we can also work with diseases such as rosacea and fungal nails.


In Pearl Skin, we have a technique that improves skin type regardless of the skin (Fitzpatrik I -VI, without the danger of pigmentation). The Laser Genesis procedure can also be applied during the summer. It does not require the use of gel, medication, analgesia or restorative period.

In combination with laser procedures, we can also offer:

Peels, hyaluronic fillers for wrinkle filling and lip modeling

Injection of botulinum toxin to smooth out wrinkles

Mesotherapy for improving the turgor of the facial skin

Mesotherapy against hair loss and anti-cellulite


We also work on:

Improve skin elasticity with the Titan system - a remarkable result with 1 to 3 sessions.

Laser rejuvenation of the skin with the procedure

Laser removal of keloids, scars, fibroids, warts, stretch marks.

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